Coaching Presence

If you are embarking on a quest that takes you deeper into self-discovery or if you long to find your real purpose in life,  I am here to accompany you!  If you are struggling spiritually, personally or professionally, I am here to help you imagine new possibilities! And if the state of the world (or your world!)  is draining you of energy, I am ready to journey with you as you discover joy, creativity and the keys for empowered decision-making! Through Life Coaching, you will identify what blocks you from leading the life you wish to live. By removing those blocks, you can design your own future. What seemed improbable will become possible!

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Mind Shifting

Change your mind and change your life!  Transformation always begins with the awareness of self-imposed limits and external limits, with the desire to move into a healthier, happier future. This involves "waking up" and daring to leave your comfort zone; it means claiming your gifts while facing your Shadow, that side of you that you may have neglected, ignored or repressed.





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Creating Possibilities

Whether you are looking for a Life Coach, a Spiritual Guide, or a "hybrid" of the two, I am willing to share with you what I have learned in more than thirty-five years of inner exploration. Though I serve primarily in Christian contexts, I companion people of every faith, as well as those without a formal religious affiliation. Clients have included spiritual seekers, authors, artists, clergy, graduate students, secular and religious institutions, CEO's, small business owners and clients "in transition."  I am available to meet with you or your group in person in the Chicago area, or else to work with you via conference call or Skype. You can learn more about the services I offer by entering my website.

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Welcome Travelers!

Are you willingly embracing change or reluctantly considering options? Either way, I'm "on call," ready and waiting! 

A  Board Certified Life Coach and seasoned Spiritual Director with over 30 years' experience as an "inner guide," I help clients examine the gap between where they are today and where they dream of being tomorrow. Together, we take an inventory of current reality, identifying areas of strength as well as areas of disappointment and frustration. Together, we aim for the possible -- however improbable that may seem to be! For those who decide to work with me, mediocrity, "getting by" and simply surviving are not options.

As a Life Coach with a spiritual focus, I consider the ideal client to be somebody who is ready to embrace change so as to live more fully and intentionally. I coach those who are committed to having stronger relationships, better communication skills, more successful businesses, more fulfilling careers, healthier lifestyles, deeper spirituality, and more creative retirements. It would be a privilege to work with YOU!



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