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  1. Mindfulness & Authenticity
  2. My Coaching Background
  3. The Coaching Client
  4. Ethics & Values

My Approach

As a faculty member at DePaul University, I was known as "The Great Motivator," a quality that to this day remains the hallmark of my Life Coaching and other areas of professional life. I like to think of myself as constantly engaged in the Transformation of Consciousness -- both my own and that of others.  For me, this is a spiritual task that goes beyond positive thinking, having everything to do with "Ultimate Meaning," however we define this. When we learn to see possibility instead of limitation, fullness instead of emptiness, abundance instead of lack, then we can tap into the Inner Well where all our wisdom resides. We hold our own answers!

My Story in a Nutshell

Born in England and raised both in England and on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, I have always been a leader with multiple interests, inexhaustible energy and a delight in creativity. I love people and especially enjoy the roles of teacher and guide; nothing pleases me more than to be the midwife of an "Ah Ha" moment, a catalyst for meaningful change and for a growth in awareness.  Having transcended many challenges in my own life, I am committed to sharing what I have learned by offering coaching, spiritual direction, retreats, and seminars.

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Academic Background

The author of many books and articles and a member of ICF (International Coach Federation) and SDI (Spiritual Directors International), I am on faculty at the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) and also teach English at St. Xavier University and Roosevelt University. Trained as a Spiritual Director at the Claret Center, Chicago, I hold the BCC,  a PhD in Theology (University of Malta), a D.Min. in Poetry (Graduate Theological Foundation), a B.A. in English (University of Malta),  and an M.A. in English (DePaul University).


Professional Interests

Over the years, my range of business ventures has included writing coaching, public speaking coaching, relationship coaching, healing with the imagination, photography, wedding officiating, motivational seminars and teaching Argentine Tango! Each of these seemingly unrelated activities demands full active listening, mindfulness, responsive presence, and positive regard for the client; the breadth and depth of these interests require flexibility, creativity and ongoing learning -- all invaluable skills for any coach!


Coaching Background

I have offered coaching/ spiritual direction since 1988-1989 when I trained as a spiritual director at the Claret Center, Chicago; during that time, I developed a process of dialoguing with the unconscious that I named  Image Guidance, subsequently publishing two books on the topic  with Paulist Press, NJ. As a University Minister at DePaul, I spent countless hours doing pastoral counseling, crisis intervention and facilitating groups around inner work topics.  I also founded a training and formation program for spiritual directors serving the Archdiocese of Chicago, "Walking to Emmaus."

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