How do I sign up for a complimentary coaching session?

Send me an email using the  Contact Us form.  I will ask you for a brief summary as to why you are seeking coaching at this time and will provide several 20-minute time slots for you to choose from.

If I decide to hire you as a coach, what would be the next steps?

I will send you a Welcome Package which will include 1)  Our Coaching Agreement 2) My policies and procedures 3) A detailed questionnaire for you to fill out 4) A client "prep" sheet for you to send me after each session. This will assess how helpful the previous session was and the direction you would like to go in for the next session. You set the agenda!

Where do coaching sessions take place?

I share an office at 30 N. Michigan #1924, Chicago, IL 60602, right across from Millennium Park. I also have access to several other private spaces in downtown Chicago, but many of my clients work with me by phone as they are located in other regions of the country and even overseas.

How do I know whether I should sign up for Life Coaching or Spiritual Direction?

Life Coaching is a limited relationship between you and the coach in which you explore issues and options over an agreed upon length of time; it can be spiritual in focus or entirely secular. Spiritual Direction is open-ended both in terms of the content and the relationship between "seeker" and "guide." Whereas Life Coaching can involve intense work over several months, Spiritual Direction usually involves a one-hour meeting per month. Typically, those who engage a Life Coach are looking for some type of resolution while those who engage a Spiritual Director focus on their spiritual development and relationship with God.

What are your typical fees?

My fees depend upon the type of Coaching involved and the length of time contracted. My lowest fees are for Group Coaching (3 or more clients) unless the group is corporate, in which case, Executive Coaching fees would be involved. One-on-One Coaching has an initial consultation fee, with discounts for subsequent sessions and the possibility of purchasing coaching packages. Relationship Coaching is slightly higher than Individual Coaching but, again, packages are an option. A session in Image Guidance is my highest-priced option as only one session is typically needed. I offer Spiritual Direction sessions with a sliding scale according to means.