Survival of the Fittest?

Wherever you live in the world, we are facing the same existential question: is being human about the survival of the fittest, or does it involve stretching beyond our own self-interests to welcome the stranger, AKA "the foreigner" or the "alien" in our midst? When we close borders, build walls or send the undocumented back to life-threatening situations without first considering their fate, we have opted for "survival of the fittest"; when we snatch children from their parents' arms and incarcerate them --even drug them-- we have opted for the "survival of the fittest." When we allow boatloads of refugees to float in "no one's territory" for days on end, refusing them safe harbor, then we have opted for "survival of the fittest."
In our delusion, we imagine that safeguarding our borders and maintaining the status quo is the guarantee of a safe and harmonious future; the reality is that we have sacrificed our humanity and made the world a more dangerous place for everyone -- ourselves and our children's children included. Instead of spreading love, we instill hatred; instead of providing opportunities, we crush dreams; instead of growing as individuals and as a society, we turn inwards, clinging to what we have while failing to imagine what we might gain.
Those "rejects of humanity" who end up being murdered by drug cartels or sold as sex slaves or who drown in murky ocean depths because of our indifference offer us a litmus test of our own humanity. We let them rot because we see them as somehow "different" than ourselves.
Our very language betrays our fear: they are "rapists," "animals," and ‘invaders," deserving extermination; they are also the mirror of our own souls, the reflection of who WE are.....

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